Welcome to Lee Scott Miller Tours

So, first things first .... I am not a Tour Guide!!

Lee Scott Miller Tours is simply what Georgina refers to our adventures as as I do most of the planning and she just turns up as if its an organised tour! We have both taken the bold decision to quit our respective jobs and travel the world together and hope to share our story along the way and maybe even inspire others to do the same!


Tour Guide

So yeah, I'm the tour guide I guess! That probably now translates into amateur photographer and blogger also! You probably won't find all the super adjectives you might see on other travel blogs here, nor will I explain how 'I found myself' or pretend I'm doing yoga in tropical places. Truth is, i'm a bit of a straight talker with a great nose for bullshit so if it's honest opinions you're after then you've come to the right place! 





It's all about customer ratings. I'll be reviewing this Lee Scott Miller Tour (the great and good, the bad and the awful). To date, every trip Miller's organised for us has been 5* but we've never spent more than 3 weeks adventuring together so this may change! Super excited, super scared. Miller says if I'm brave and well behaved he'll take me to Harry Potter land.


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