Oh Canada – Calgary to Vancouver

With the stunning beauty of the USA National Parks wowing us over the past 6 weeks we thought it was only fair to give Canada a shot so after a night at a crappy Motel in Calgary we headed west on Canada Highway 1 to Banff National Park. Canada is currently celebrating 150 years of […]

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Glacier National Park

Our last logistical decision of sorts would be where to head after leaving Yellowstone, head directly west through a lot of miles of not much to get to Seattle and possibly the North Cascades before heading north to Whistler or keep on the national park path by heading north to Glacier national park and then […]

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Yellowstone Safari – Discovering the worlds first National Park

Day 43 Yellowstone was the worlds first ever National Park. The unique make up of the land with stunning cliffs and waterfalls combined with the thermal activity of all of the hot pools and geysers make it a truly unique place. Having managed to get a spot online at the Grant Village campsite in Yellowstone […]

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Exploring the majestic Grand Teton National Park

Day 38 Salt Lake City I had a different image in mind with regards to SLC, famed for its nearby salt flats and land speed records I expected a small town with not much going on other than over the top Americans doing wheel spins in 6 litre cars. What we discovered though was that […]

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