Machu Picchu – Peru’s world wonder

Machu Picchu (2430m), the 15th century abandoned Inca city that lies deep in the Andean mountains was one of our trips most anticipated stops. Visiting the Unesco world heritage site (and one of the seven wonders of the world) can be visited in a number of ways to suit most budgets. To reach the site […]

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Torres Del PAIN!

Torres del Paine national park in Chile was probably the thing I wanted to do the most on our South America leg. The now famous hikes available through the Patagonian wilderness perhaps didn't appeal to Georgina as much (at all!), but there was no way we were going to skip them. The park itself can […]

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Purple lipstick day – Uruguay

Top tour guide, LSM, has plans to make and tickets to book for our next move. On this basis I have been invited to guest write a post on the website. I think I've only one chance to impress both you and the CEO so here goes. I think protocol is to start with facts […]

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Sunny Buenos Aires

Argentina's metropolitan capital, Buenos Aires is often referred to as the Paris of the South and after a brief walk around the city its easy to see why. It's 14th century (built in the 19th century!) French architecture dominates what's left of the city's Spanish origins. After another 18-hour overnight bus (this time a full […]

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